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New Products 23 February 2020
iGen 5 XLS adds 5th colour and runs up to 35-inches
iGen 5 colour XLS
iGen 5 colour XLS
Xerox announces two new optional capabilities for the iGen® 5: the extra-long sheet (XLS) and Fluorescent Yellow Dry Ink. The iGen 5 XLS enables up to a 35-inch sheet size, prints at rated speed and has production feeding and stacking. With extra-long capabilities, printers can deliver more pieces per sheet, increasing application productivity of the iGen 5 by up to 25 percent.
5th colour unit can print orange, green, blue or white
Print providers can increase the versatility of the iGen 5 by targeting additional applications such as 4-panel brochures,book covers, banners, large-format clings, panoramic artwork and multi-up printing. Printers also now have the option to utilize the iGen 5’s fifth print station to run Fluorescent Yellow Dry Ink in addition to orange, green and blue gamut extension colors as well as white and clear.
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