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Special Feature 27 March 2015
B2 inkjet presses update
Inkjet presses popped into our collective consciousness about seven years ago, at Drupa 2008. It was then that HP released it T-Series web presses, Kodak literally unveiled the Prosper (the press was kept behind a curtain which was lifted for presentations a few times a day), Fujifilm showed a prototype of its J Press 720, and Screen presented its Truepress JetSX.

J Press 720 Inkjet Technology

Screen Truepress JetSX

The Elan by Delphax

Inkjet UV Komori Impremia IS29

Since then, just about every press manufacturer has come forward with its own inkjet proposition, followed by meters of magazine columns and possibly thousands of web pages expounding on the topic. Most of that inkjet press activity has focused on web platforms, which have made significant incursions in book printing, direct mail, transpromo and other higher-volume market segments where strict demands for quality, paper selection, and colour accuracy are more forgiving. Lately we’re also seeing inkjet press models for packaging and labeling applications.

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