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News 23 September 2014
Pioneer Press celebrates 120 years
Jim Edgar was only 16-years-old when he started working at Pioneer Press Ltd as an apprentice—13 years later he became the owner and has since been at the helm of the full-service printing house. 

Pioneer Press was founded in 1894 and is celebrating its 120th birthday this month. An open house has been planned for Thursday to celebrate with clients and employees—many who have been with the company for almost 30 years. According to Edgar, during the early days at Pioneer Press, there were only two employees and the [previous] owner operating a letterpress. He experienced the change from letterpress, to lithography, to digital and said they were able to handle the transitions with no impact on the business.

“In Canada, we’re about five years behind the rest of the world,” Edgar said. “So we can see what’s happening in the industry from other places.”

Like many in the industry Edgar says the future of print is definitely more digital. He told PrintCAN he’s most proud of  “The ability to support 25 families and employees and their families and pay them on time—I’ve never miss a pay-check.”
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