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New Products 27 February 2018
New P5 Wide Format
p5 250 HS
P5 250 HS
 Durst has launched a new printing platform – the P5 series. 

The P5 250 HS is targeted towards high volume industrial production, as well as one-offs in offset quality.The P5 technology consists of a series of new generation printers along with newly, in-house developed software and workflow solutions.  

When compared to the industry benchmark – Durst P10 250 HS – the new P5 is 70% more productive. Featuring latest MEMS nozzle plates powered by Durst proprietary data-path and electronics, the result is a high-speed printing system with ultra precise drop placement and industrial level reliability.


Durst P5 technology features:

• Print volume capability in two-pass mode up to 240 sqm/h and high resolution modes of 1200 dpi

• Offset printing quality with a drop-size of 5 pcl

• Durst Analytics information platform for pre-emptive maintenance and detailed machine and

consumption data to guarantee maximum uptime

• Durst Workflow, which provides an in-house developed suite of applications custom tailored for

Durst printers and with unique features - beyond ripping.

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