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New Products 24 July 2018
Kompac High Speed UV Coater
Kompac UV Coater and primer
Kompac UV Coater and primer
Kompac’s new EZ Koat 20 Plus and 30 Plus models are rated at speeds up to 200 feet per minute , whether priming, using UV coating or aqueous coating. 
 Offering an Anilox Coater option, the EZ Koat 20 Plus and 30 Plus  can run soft-touch and matte coatings .The Kompac Coating System can  quickly switch to high-quality UV/aqueous gloss and satin coatings when needed.
The Kompac’s EZ Koat  operates with a digital lamp driver, providing infinitely variable curing and drying capabilities as well as instant start-up after coating changes.  Kompac provides options for the EZ Koat 20 and 30 Plus including high pile pallet feeders and stackers, sheet turners for two-sided capabilities, and in-line conveyors for running on digital, offset presses and other finishing equipment.
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