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New Products 4 February 2018
ApexFoil Stamping and Diecutting Press
Kluge new ApexFoil press
Kluge new ApexFoil press
The new ApexFoil foil stamping and diecutter pressoffers major innovations iNow, operators can use the ApexFoil's Compass™ control system that includes patented features to control the Temperature and Tonnage. Compass allows operators to greatly reduce and in some cases, eliminate make-ready on every job. The Kluge ApexFoil is an evolution of the Kluge EHD/EHF Series of Presses, which is the world's best-selling small format foil stamping and diecutting press.
Other features included:A sleek new machine design with sliding Clearview interlocking safety guards, a PLC Touchscreen interface, a multi-point LED lighting package and high-performance Delrin® work surface.Improved foil performance with a programmable foil system that can hold a tolerance of +/- .016" at the foil gap and also provides programmable step and repeat capability. 24/7 programmable dual surface heat control with timer control to pre-heat die and make-ready surfaces prior to a shift start up. A foil, die and make-ready alignment system that trims set-up time and boosts set-up efficiency. Accurate quick-set tool-less registration adjustments and an ultra-lightweight die mounting plate require less operator effort and can save up to 5 minutes of set-up time during job changeover.
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