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News 23 September 2014
Onwards and upwards for Prodigy Graphics
Prodigy Graphics has donated $12,000 to Evangel Hall Mission (EHM) a charity group that helps homeless individuals get off the streets. The president of the trade shop, Gordon McCauley, presented the money to EHM on July 29.

(left to right) Bob Price, Drop-In Manager EHM; Gordon McCauley, President Prodigy Graphics; Joseph Taylor, Executive Director EHM; Jo Ann Hislop, Director of Programs EHM. “While we in the printing industry face our fair share of challenges, without a doubt our troubles pale in comparison to the suffering and pain you see every day,” he said during the ceremony. “Please accept our gift and use it to heal that pain.”

EHM has been in operation since 1913 and is open 365 days a year. They provide the homeless or those at risk of becoming homeless with a hot meal, trustee programs, health and dental clinic and more.

The donation is part of an initiative to refresh the Prodigy brand after a spate of bad news in the past. In 2013, former owner Najib-Mohamed Jamal was involved in a multimillion-dollar fraud case. Prodigy Graphics plans to put that in the past.

“There was a management buyout that happened in February so this is part of the new direction that Gordon is taking the company in,” representative Sandra Cruickshanks said. “He wants to ensure that he’s connected with the community, and he’s got a really strong belief in the work that he does as a trade printer in terms of his relationship with his primary customer, which are generally print buyers. 

There are a number of things he’s looking at in the future, some of them may be directly related to his business one of them may be ways that he shares his message. At this point he really felt strongly about EHM and what it represented, as a contribution to an organization that’s doing work in an important area in the city.”

Jo Ann Hislop, Director of Programs at Evangel Hall Mission said, “This very generous gift will be put to very good use.”
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