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New Products 27 February 2015
Kodak Prosper IOS offline coater to ship in June
Kodak’s Prosper IOS (Image Optimizer Station) offline coater is an alternative source for inkjet treated paper. The offline coater enables optimal substrate preparation for use with Kodak’s Prosper presses. It provides users with a high degree of paper flexibility and paper cost savings by enabling the use of commercially available regular coated, uncoated and glossy papers between 45 gsm-300gsm.

It also decouples paper production from the printing process, allowing for more flexibility in the pretreatment of papers and scheduling print jobs and puts PSP’s in a position to prepare pretreated inkjet paper operating with a throughput range of 250-650 ft/min. Shipments of the Kodak Prosper IOS Offline coating solution will begin in June.
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