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New Products 22 June 2018
Sonora X Plates increase run lengths
New Process free plates with longer run lengths
New Process free plates with longer run lengths
 The  new KODAK SONORA X Process Free Plates can be used for nearly any application that is typically printed with an unbaked processed plate. Kodak estimates that up to 80% of the offset print market will now be able to go process free, including large commercial sheetfed printers, heatset and coldset web printers, offset packaging printers, and printers using UV and low-energy UV. 
SONORA X Plates can print two to six times longer than KODAK SONORA XP Plates  and improved exposure sensitivity ensures that printers can maximize platemaking throughput on even the fastest platesetters on the market. A proprietary enhanced anodizing and coating technology increases the robustness of the plate, so it can withstand highly automated or fast-paced operating environments, where plate durability is crucial.
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