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Special Feature 30 September 2014
Industrial Print
By Jef Catapang

The world of industrial print is full of exotic substrates like glass, ceramic and textiles, so much so that “industrial print” is fragmented and hard to clearly define. Yet industrial printing isn’t just raising eyebrows—it’s drawing crowds. Take for example InPrint 2014, the inaugural trade show and conference focused solely on the wonders and wares of industrial print. Held in Hanover on April 8 to 10, the fledgling event drew nearly 7,000 visitors from 60 countries, more than double the expectations of its organizers.

Driving this conversation, of course, is money. Digital advancements in industrial printing not only address the clear consumer trend toward customization but can also provide supplementary income streams to offset the decline of traditional printing. “Undoubtedly, advertising revenue is diving and things are not being printed as much as they were,” says InPrint co-director Frazer Chesterman. Not that it needed to be said. Meanwhile, the industrial print sector is growing. According to independent show research, 100% of survey respondents from InPrint agreed that growth was evident, and 26% forecasted CAGR of 10% or more.

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