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News 27 April 2015
Printing shipments remain flat
Despite the positive numbers showing healthy growth, printing shipments are, in reality, closer to flat. Two factors account for the positive math: there was a small increase in the fall, but the larger reason for the positive showing in 2014, is that Statistics Canada resumed tracking shipments in Alberta, which were excluded in 2013. B.C., which had also fallen off the radar, is back for 2015.

Shipments (in millions)  2014 2013 % change
October  $735.1 $648.0 %13
November $670.2 $607.1   %10
December $638.2 $552.0 %16
January $641.7 $591.3 %8.5

Year-to-date shipments for 2014 totalled $7.8 billion, an 11.7% jump from 2013 which came in at $7.0 bilion
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