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New Products 20 October 2016
Sydney Stone launches the DigiFold Pro 385 and AutoCreaser Pro 385
Sydney Stone, the Canadian distributor of Morgana products has announced the latest product launch from the UK digital finishing manufacturer: the DigiFold Pro 385 and AutoCreaer Pro 385.

From the press release:

Commenting on the new DigiFold Pro 385, Ray Hillhouse, Vice President of Sales & Marketing, said: “The DigiFold has long been the benchmark product in the creaser / folder sector. With the improvements in speed and productivity for the current crop of digital print engines, Morgana needs to provide an additional option for our customers. After surveying our DigiFold users, we’ve been able to address what they need as their digital production grows.”

One of the key changes from previous DigiFold models is the introduction of a high-capacity vacuum top-feeder that can take a sheet pile of over 17.7”. Once the size and thickness of stock are entered, all other feeder functions including air and vacuum settings, side guide positions, and fold roller gaps are automatically adjusted for quick and easy setup of jobs. Stock of up to 0.4mm can be creased and folded with virtually no cracking of the sheets or the toner on them.

Another new feature is the dual creasing blades, the Morgana DynaCrease, for creasing and folding applications at over 6,000 sheets per hour, and one for “creasing only mode” which allows the widest range of applications to be produced on one machine.

In addition to the new DigiFold Pro, the AutoCreaser Pro 385 will also be shown, similarly benefiting from the new high-capacity feeder. Hillhouse continued: “The AutoCreaser is still our best-selling machine and the new Pro 385 will take us into higher volume applications with a heavier duty machine.”

Michael Steele, Managing Director of Sydney Stone added: “Some of our customers had been using the previous generation machines for longer runs of offset or digital work, this new model will enable them to load the pile feeder and let the machine run. The high level of automation here is going to greatly benefit business owners with a goal of maximizing efficiency while producing output of unparalleled quality.”
As well as the new feeder, this version of the AutoCreaser will have a dual creasing blade and matrix, which is particularly useful if producing covers for perfect binding where the spine and hinge creases can be produced in one pass, or for those users who wish to change creasing profiles regularly. The new AutoCreaser Pro 385 can run at up to 8,500 sheets per hour.
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