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New Products 9 February 2018
ProSer360 from manroland
manroland ProSer360 program
manroland ProSer360 program
Manroland's newly enhanced ProServ 360° Performance is an integrated, 24-month partnership program to ensure maximum machine stability and productivity for owners of the ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION.The ProServ maintenance package includes extended service for the first two years of operation, with two full inspections of motors, main drive, pumps, blowers, dryer and spray-powder components.ProServ 360° incorporates Telepresence - with remote diagnostics for greater efficiency in troubleshooting, proactive SMART services and an inbuilt Maintenance Manager to relieve operators of routine maintenance tasks.
The 24/7 TeleSupport Centre (TSC) provides 6 routine remote check-ups, free fault diagnosis and report creation with analysis of errors documented in detailed overview.Five Productivity Analysis modules deliver monitoring and analysis of press productivity with OEE and KPI reports and performance benchmarks.
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