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New Products 14 January 2015
PrinterEvolution launches two products for the digital textile market
PrinterEvolution, a Colorado-based large-format printer manufacturer, has launched two new digital textile printers: The Kayo126 DS and the Eos100 DS.

According to PrinterEvolution, digital printed textiles accounted for almost US$6 billion in global print value in 2013, and it will grow at 30% CAGR until 2018.

The Kayo126 DS is an industrial-built, water-based dye sub printer that only prints on transfer paper. It was created to streamline the workflow with a single substrate and no need to rebuild ink profiles and settings. It performs at 850 sq. ft per hour and boasts Ricoh Gen 5 state-of-the-art viable drop heads, known for their longer life and accurate colour.

“As demand increases for high-end fabric graphics, the Kayo126 focuses on providing high-quality printing on transfer paper at high production speeds. All of its components, from the large bulk ink system to the upgradable industrial heads work together to provide beautiful, consistent results,” Mike Syverson, director of special projects for PrinterEvolution said.

The Kayo126 DS also accommodates jumbo paper rolls, decreasing the need to switch paper out as often. Once printed on paper, the user can sublimate to many fabrics. The machines feeding system uses servo monitors instead of pinchers and belts and has a multiple drying system that allows for perfect linear drying without defects.

PrinterEvolution’s Eos100 DS aims to make the entry or expansion into the digital textile printing market easy and affordable. The Eos has an on-board calendar that provides even heat and pressure and has an automatic turn-off control that will finishing the curing and shut off the calendar when the printer is unmanned.  

The direct to fabric printer has a high capacity bulk ink system for continuous printing and high ink yields. The printer also has a cork roller to accommodate printing on stretchy fabrics such as lycra and spandex, and a sponge system that allows for printing on open-weave products like mesh and flag.

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