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New Products 27 February 2015
HP introduces its High Definition Nozzle Architecture
HP has announced the launch of the new High Definition Nozzle Architecture technology for its HP Inkjet Web Presses. The High Definition Nozzle Architecture printhead doubles the native print resolution of current HP inkjet printheads from 10,560 to 21,120 nozzles, delivering 2400 nozzles per inch1, and supports dual drop weight per colour for sharp text, fine lines, accurate skin tones, smooth gray and colour transitions, and enhanced highlight and shadow detail. The built in nozzle redundancy ensures reliable and consistent printing.

HP’s new quality mode prints up to 400 feet (122 metres) per minute in colour with dual drop weight for a step function improvement in print quality2. The maximum print speeds enabled will be up to 800 feet (244 metres) per minute.

High Definition Nozzle Architecture technology will be incorporated into all HP Inkjet Web Press platforms, including the HPT200, T300 and T400 series inkjet Web Press families and those sold through resellers. Current customers have the option of upgrading.

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