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News 14 October 2014
Have you heard? Print Isn't Dead
The reports of prints death have been greatly exaggerated—this according to Print Isn’t Dead, a new UK-based magazine created by the staff at People of Print. The quarterly publication was funded by Kickstarter and raised £6,834 surpassing the initial £4,520 goal.  The extra funds allowed the magazine to add fluorescent spot Pantone 805c to the CMYK printing process.  The Pureprint Group printed the eye-catching first issue on Fedrigoni Arcoprint paper and there are only 1000 copies available—there will be no reprints.

© Tom Jackson 2014

The publication launched on Aug. 21 and aims to showcase the creative use of print in all forms.

“We like to cover all of the areas where print can be used, both creatively and industrially,” People of Print founder Marcroy Smith said.  “You can expect articles on screen printing, letterpress, risograph and linocut through to digital indigo, giclee, darkroom exposed photography, and of course litho. We try to make the articles informative yet interesting by showing how print can be utilized in creative and diverse ways.”

© Tom Jackson 2014

The magazine’s front cover contains a subtle a hint towards analogue becoming digital—angle it just right and the “n’t” in isn’t disappears. 

Smith said it will be balanced in terms of images and text and will include several interviews and studio visits. He also noted that there might be some crossover in terms of the people featured in the publication and online, however the magazines content will not be recycled. Print Isn't Dead can be found online on ISSUU and purchased internationally.
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