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New Products 18 February 2015
Inca Digital releases the Inca Onset R40LT flatbed printer
Inca Digital has launched the Inca Onset R40LT wide-format flatbed UV printer for companies looking to invest in a standard mid-range machine. It’s a full-width array printer that guarantees high quality results with no banding at higher throughput speeds than scanning head technology.

The R40LT has the ability to develop from a four-color sqm/hr devices, up to an eight-color fully specified device. The printer gives users flexibility to help grow a business, while protecting long-term investments.

The printer can start as a manual 3.14 x 1.6m (123.6in x 63in) full-width array flatbed printer in a choice of four, five or six colors and is capable of 265 sqm/hr print speeds on substrates up to 50mm (2in) thick equivalent to 40 full-bed sheets/hr.  The R40LT has all the existing features of the existing Onset R40i, which includes, 14 picolitre Fujifilm Dimatix Spectra printheads, a 15-zone vacuum table, a UV sensor system and mechanical substrate height detectors. 

Jason Stormowski, President of Imperial, says: "The Onset R40LT is perfect for us because it delivers the perfect mix of quality and speed that our clients expect and allows us to grow and add capabilities and capacities as our market grows.  The most amazing thing is it can be upgraded right in our facility."

The Onset Series now offers a choice of 18 different models and three different handling systems to allow companies to tailor the best printer with the best productivity, quality and ink options for its needs. The R40LT is available immediately from Fujifilm, Inca’s global distribution partner.

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