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New Products 6 May 2018
Ricoh New Flagship Pro C9200
New Pro C9200 Digital Press
New Pro C9200 Digital Press
 Ricoh has unveiled the Pro C9200, its new “flagship” printer and the latest high-volume, high-performance printer in its line-up .replacing the Pro C9100 family as a “major upgrade”.Its capabilities include taking a banner size of 1,030mm in duplex and 1,260mm in simplex on substrates up to 450gsm. Two different models can print at either 115 (Pro C9200) or 135 (Pro C9210) A4 pages per minute and an automatic inline calibration system – Auto Colour Diagnosis.
 Printing on a broad choice of substrate types that includes synthetics, carbonless paper, coated and uncoated stock and envelopes .
Purge control allows for  continuous-print operation,  the four-colour machine is designed to allow for toner replenishment “on the fly”.  A 17in touchscreen and can run on various digital front end (DFE) options including EFI’s Fiery E-45 and E-85, as well as Ricoh’s own TotalFlow Print Server R-62.
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