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New Roland 700 Evolution Ultima
Roland 700 Evolution Ultima Press
Roland 700 Evolution Ultima Press
The new ROLAND 700 EVOLUTION Ultima®.Ultima® is aimed at handling all the various coating, printing and foiling processes on high-end packaging and commercial print runs in a single pass.The Ultima® platform are a newly designed central console with touch-screen control, a new feeder pile transport that cuts down on waste, new suction belt sheet handling technology for a more even pile contour, all-new dampening units, bearings that significantly reduce vibration and, with sophisticated software for practice-oriented roller washing cycles, even less downtime.
The coaters are standard anilox-flexo-style doctor-bladed units, although now inverted – the negative chamber blade sits at the bottom of the unit, which allows gravity to feed the duct’s contents to give the blade a full dose of varnish or coating. Simple yet effective.
The QuickChange® system couples with a similar QuickChange® wash system that flushes the entire coating unit automatically at the end of a shift, or other user-specifiable interval.
Another feature of the Ultima® is the drying units that follow each coater. These can be either conventional hot air, Infrared, UV or LED.
Manroland’s InlineFoiler can also be added into the Ultima® coating/printing agglomeration. 
Two final ancillaries can also be added: the InlineInspector system and the InlineSorter. These devices work together to apply a set of user-definable criteria to “each and every sheet coming into the delivery” says Conrady and will reject any that don’t meet register, colour or other quality criteria.
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