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New Products 8 June 2018
Kodak introduces the NEXFINITY digital press
Nexfinity digital press
Nexfinity digital press
The NEXFINITY is a  low running costs, higher speed and dynamic imaging digital press. The  NEXFINITY platform is built with Dynamic Imaging Technology, a patented Kodak innovation for digital printing. The technology works by applying algorithmic adjustments to specific areas of an image, which optimizes image quality and consistency based on the image content in each area. The result, for example, produces crisp text, hard lines, soft skin tones, and beautiful skies on the same page.
Featuring a new high resolution and multi-bit LED writing system, the press produces the broadest range of applications, including direct mail, commercial print, publishing, and the LED writing system provides 256 levels of exposure on the imaging cylinder.  NEXFINITY Press  delivers speed  range of 83 to 152 ppm, expanded sheet lengths up to 48 inches and  handling stocks up to 24pt. The machine’s color sequence flexibility  allows for dry inks to be printed in alternative orders or combinations required by specific print jobs.  
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