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New Products 3 December 2017
Neon Colours added to Versafire
Neon spot colour added to Heidelberg
Neon spot colour added to Heidelberg
 Heidelberg has introduce another spot color: neon pink. Doing this, Versafire CV owners are able to deliver even brighter posters, dazzling party invitations and bills, eye-catching advertising leaflets, even in short runs, with or without personalization, and most important in a most cost-effective way. The neon toner glows under UV light, enabling it to attract even more attention and add unexpected touches to printing applications in the digital printing field.
In total, four additional toners can be used each in addition to CYMK: high-opacity white, varnish for full-area or spot coating, neon yellow and neon pink. The operator can realize the applications quickly and confidently, with using the new Prinect Digital Frontend Version 2018 features or using the PDF-Toolbox. All hardware required is the toner and an additional developer unit. It can also be retrofitted to all Heidelberg Linoprint CV or Versafire CV printing systems with five color configuration. 
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