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Kodak 6 Trends Shaping the Printing Industry
Print Shop Today Report
Print Shop Today Report
Print Shop Today: 6 Trends Shaping the Commercial Printing Industry," where we look at the six trends shaping the future for commercial printers, and discuss the new innovations that brand owners can utilize to grow in the years ahead.Key Topics Digital, Analog and Wide-Format: Working Side by Side ,Managing the Complexity of Specialty Inks, The Quest for Sustainability, Going Green: What It Means, How to Get ,There Emerging Data Security Mandates Does Your Company Have These Certifications?, Workflow Automation Hits Its Stride.
New technologies, shrinking turnaround times and the demand for shorter and more customized runs to meet the demands from print buyers have risen. While the long-term impact of some of these changes won't be known for years to come, we can evaluate how commercial printing shops should respond today, what technologies they should adopt to increase efficiency during the prepress workflow in the print production process.  
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