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New Products 27 November 2018
Ricoh Wide Format Flatbed Pro T7210 UV
Pro T7210 Flatbed UV Wide format
Pro T7210 Flatbed UV Wide format
Ricoh has released the Pro T7210, its first wide-format UV flatbed, The Ricoh Pro T7210 can run 100spm/hr in its high-speed mode.
It has been priced at circa-£200,000 for full configuration, which includes ColorGate RIP, delivery, installation, training and a one-year warranty.This printer has been introduced to address the UV print market, in addition to your traditional POS/board printing. 
The T7210 is capable of producing “sellable” prints at 50sqm/hr in production mode and has a high-speed mode of up to 100sqm/hr.
It is manufactured with eight individually controlled vacuum zones in order to reduce the amount of masking required and increase productivity. It runs primer and clear ink channels alongside standard CMYK in order to run complete jobs in a single pass.
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