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News 14 January 2015
Shipments looking good for fall
Fall numbers paint a positive picture of the Canadian printing industry, with increases for the last several months. But the good news is due in large part to Statistics Canada’s tracking of Alberta shipments which it had ignored for at least a couple of years. B.C.’s shipments, however, continue to be absent.

Shipments (in millions) 2014 2013 % Change
July $646.9 $543.7 19
August $643.5 $577.1 11.5
September $677.5 $587.6 15
October $732.0 $648.0 13

Year-to-date shipping numbers for 2014 are $6,481.118, an 11.2% jump from 2013 which saw numbers at $5,827,728.
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