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New Products 15 June 2018
Polar's DI Bar Code
Bar Code reader on paper cutter
Bar Code reader on paper cutter
 With the DI bar code function, POLAR offers the option of generating the cutting program directly from the cut sizes encrypted in the bar code. This function is part of the bar code option for all POLAR cutting machines and high-speed cutters. While the name of the cutting program is encrypted in a conventional bar code, with this version the individual cut sizes are saved in the bar code.
Sold through Heidelberg Canada
Sold through Heidelberg Canada
This bar code can then be scanned with the bar-code reader integrated into the machine and the data it contains can be used directly for a cutting program. Cutting programs can therefore be created very easily and the tooling time of the cutting machine is minimized. In addition, the cutting machine can be run independently and does not have to be integrated into the workflow. 
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