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New Products 21 August 2014
Kodak delivers the Prosper 600

Kodak has unveiled the Prosper 6000 inkjet web press, which the company says expands the reach of inkjet beyond transpromo, direct mail and books, into catalogs, journals, inserts and manuals, among other commercial applications. Kodak says it is able to do this by laying down more ink than previous generations of presses, printing on standard offset stock, including glossy paper, and increasing output.

The printer has a web width of 8 to 25.5” and can handle treated inkjet paper, standard offset and glossy stock. It comes in two versions: the 6000C and the 6000P. The C is designed for commercial print applications that require high ink coverage and handles substrates ranging from 42 gsm to 270gsm, boasts speeds up to 300 metres per minute or 200 metres per minute on glossy stock for higher coverage. The P is meant for lighter paper and low medium ink coverage. Its substrate range is 42gsm to 125gsm and it slows down a bit to 100 metres per minute on glossy substrates.
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