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New Products 3 July 2015
HP releases the Latex 3500 and 3100 printers and Scitex 17000 corrugated press
HP is expanding its latex technology portfolio with the HP Latex 3500 and 3100 printers, and bolstered its digital corrugated offerings with the HP Scitex 17000 Corrugated Press. The company aims to help the display print service providers and corrugated converters increase productivity and workflow efficiency.

The HP Latex 3500
The 3500 handles high-volume dedicated application production and boosts productivity and reduces production costs. It can handle up to 300 kg and 20 litre ink supplies, and enables unattended operations such as overnight printing. It has dual-roll split spindles, which allows for safer handling of oversized rolls, in-line slitters that reduces bottlenecks in finishing and a built in LED lights for on-the-fly proofing.

The HP Latex 3100

The 3100 delivers high image quality for a variety of indoor applications, and is ideal for large sign and display PSPs with a diverse service offering. It can print indoor quality at speeds up to 77m2/hr (830 ft2), can handle peaks in production and deliver on short turnaround times without sacrificing quality. The 3100 is also JDF-enabled, a standard language that allows data to pass between different systems to simplify data exchange and collection, which can help PSPs reduce labour costs and increase profitability through automation.

The 3100 and 3500 and complementary HP Latex mobile app will be available worldwide starting August 3, 2015.

The HP Scitex 17000

The HP Scitex 17000 corrugated press, powered by HP Scitex HDR Printing Technology, can increase digital print productivity for cost-effective corrugated packaging printing. It features an HP Scitex corrugated grip and HP HDR230 Scitex Inks, and prints at speeds of up to 1,000 m2/hr (10,764 ft2/hr) for economical, high-volume production of industrial-grade corrugated boards. The 17000 is expected to be available worldwide starting August 1, 2015.

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