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News 14 January 2015
Beta of Landa Nanographic press coming in second half of 2015
The release of Landa’s Nanographic printing presses—originally unveiled at Drupa 2012—are months behind schedule, but in a new blog post designed to address the delay, Benny Landa, CEO of Landa Digital, says the company is “very close” to finally completing the presses.

Benny Landa

The Drupa 2012 models, says Landa, missed some marks for what customers wanted and didn’t contain key features, such as inline coating. Following customer feedback, the presses were completely re-engineered.

Landa says during the past months they have been “doing and not showing,” focusing on internal operations. Landa has doubled its floor space at Drupa  2016 and a beta press will be installed in Israel in March. A full Beta is expected for the second half of the year.

Read Landa’s full post here.
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