June 2001
Great customer expectations
If you think you have an account locked up, you may be headed for trouble
One of the complaints we hear most often today is that customers no longer feel any loyalty. This is expressed by both sales and production staff in graphic arts companies, and my guess is that it’s a universal sentiment among sales-based organizations, regardless of their size or the products and services they offer.

While it is not a new phenomenon for our industry, there is no doubt in my mind that customers are becoming more demanding. In the past, we occasionally heard a sales rep talk of an account that he or she had locked up, or a company refer to safe business. If they were to talk like this today, they would be in for a huge shock.
Duncan McGregor was president of the former Arthurs-Jones Inc., a Toronto-based, award-winning commercial printer. He led the $5 million-a-year firm to a five-fold increase in sales. He is now a consultant to the printing industry and can be reached at (416) 487-7666.
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